You’ve got this

Without question, this pandemic has thrown me out of rhythm. It’s not familiar and certain areas of my life feel a bit swollen. Why am I off? How do I keep it in perspective?

Recently, I spoke with my favorite therapist friend and he reminded me of a very simple concept. We have two things going on in our brain... an executive brain that is solution based and loving and the the primitive brain that is a big pain in the A$$. He compared it to our tv... fortunately my calm thoughts are the main screen image but my worry, doubt, and uncertainty have certainly found its way to the “crawler banner” that comes flashing along the bottom of the screen. It’s trying to say, “Look at me!!! Danger!!!”

My task—don’t keep staring at it. I have learned to process those fearful thoughts and stay in the moment. This, by the way, is NOT an easy practice. It takes work. Just like anything, you might feel competent with your skills until suddenly you are challenged at another level which then makes you look like a novice. I am a pretty decent tennis player but put me across the court from the number one seed on the pro tour and I’ll look like I’ve never played before.

Life takes practice... daily practice.

I am trying not to see challenges as threats though. If I choose to be creative while looking for a compromise I usually can deal with challenges accordingly. Reminding myself regularly, “I am going to be ok no matter what” can be helpful.

Officially owning my own capability is important—I am fairly resilient (most of the time 😀).

I try to say bye-bye to that “primitive brain” when it jumps into action. I can feel it... heart rate goes up, nervous energy appears, etc... “I can’t do this” jumps to my thoughts. This usually happens when the “executive brain” gets tired thus allowing uncertainty. My daily practice is to stay solution oriented. Panic NEVER helps.

If you find yourself feeling this way too, stay positive. Sometimes we get jammed up... like a pool filter cluttered with leaves. Take a moment and clean it out. Write thoughts down. Process. Respond with an ability to bring peace to whatever it is that is causing the glitch in your heart. You’ve got this! ❤️

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