Trust in the process

Trust in the process…

In the middle of a worldwide pandemic, it’s hard to trust that things will get better. Some people are losing their jobs, many folks are losing loved ones, and most are struggling without proper social interaction. For many, being alone and detached from other humans doesn’t feel natural... it presents a rather uncomfortable sense and may even cause a strong wave of anxiety.

Regardless of this current situation, we don’t ever know what the future will unload on us. There are no guarantees for what will happen tomorrow, with or without COVID-19. It’s the scary reality of life. When faced with challenging moments, I try to focus on the second that I am in. That’s it. I try not to look too far forward and certainly don’t want to spend too much time looking over my shoulder at what already has passed by. I remind myself that in this moment, I am safe. The only way through is through... we are doing it ❤️

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