Thinking of you

I don’t shy away from letting the people closest to me know exactly how I feel. If they uplifted my spirits after talking with them I take the time to let them know. Unfortunately, we can’t always be with the ones we love most. Jobs, distance, kids, schedules, etc... can create quite a challenge. But taking the time to reach out “just because” is important. Those connections we have with our special people feed the soul... and we all benefit from that type of nourishment.

Try it! Grab a pen, think about what it was that made you smile, and get writing. The message goes such a long way. It will likely reach into that person’s heart, hold it for a moment, and awaken their spirit for days and weeks to come. To sense a trusted connection is a beautiful gift. It’s that simple. Nothing fancy. No expensive gift. Your words. Your heart. And a stamp 😉

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