Sending love

Life is a series of lessons... a never-ending school of opportunity to re-try, re-calculate, and start again. Always reminding ourselves that there must be a different route and we are brave enough to take it.

It’s inevitable that life will bring challenges. Bless the hard stuff, say goodbye to it and move forward. Holding on gives weight to it and then we are the one stuck carrying it. Goofing up, messing up—it happens. We have a choice as to how we want to deal or respond to it though. Are we going to stay bitter, angry, mad, upset or do we try to be thoughtful, reflective and peaceful?

That last option takes work. Believing that the best is still ahead keeps me moving forward, humble and grounded. As tiny specks in the portrait of this planet, we deserve to be happy and kindness is the key ingredient to happy relationships.

Like the sweet Mr. Rogers. He was inclusive, calm, and always willing to help. There is a point in his documentary movie where his friends, coworkers and family members are asked to sit silently and think about one person that really helped them in their lifetime. Some mentioned him, others mentioned their mother, some said a teacher, others listed a friend. Try it. Sit for one minute and think. Who is your helper? How did they make you feel? How wonderful the world would be if we each set out to give love, support and comfort to others. Be kind. Send love.

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