Sending ❤️ Power

This image was created for a Valentine’s Day card but I popped it in today’s Daily Doodle in order to offer some love for all of the people checking in on Corwin.

To give your heart to this world is not easy. Inevitably, there is a risk involved but it’s a risk worth taking. To truly love someone is a gift but that gift has consequences. Love is beautiful, powerful, joyful, and light but when the heart gets pinched, the pain is real. The ache so heavy, creating an impossible sense that it might never get better. It will. Time. Patience. Forgiveness. Bravery. Apologies. More time. More patience. More forgiveness. More bravery. More apologies.

Love is a peculiar thing. Be careful with who you share it with, protect as needed, but keep giving it. ❤️

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