Let love grow… wherever you might go ❤️

What a year it has been for all of us!!! Living through a pandemic while juggling my teaching career and three kids at home has certainly had its fair share of challenges. Yet through it all, I learned a whole bunch about my life:

  1. I am happiest when busy

  2. Love is seriously the greatest gift of all

  3. The power lives in me

  4. Aligning myself up with positive thoughts really does work

  5. I believe in miracles

  6. I make a lot of mistakes

  7. Forgiveness is magical

  8. I realized that I get can caught in wasted thought—that’s not helpful

  9. I am learning to accept each challenge

  10. Stay calm… all is well ❤️

Corwin’s message continues to shine goodness in all sorts of directions. Most recently, we were able to give $200 to the Interfaith Counseling Center (ICC) in order to bring awareness to mental health issues and the need to seek the necessary help that is available. As always, I appreciate your support and I’m grateful for the love you spread to each corner of your own lives. We need more kindness in the world and it starts with each little planted seed of connection… let love grow ❤️

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