Let love grow

Tending to love is work... consistent, determined, sincere hard work. Looking for joy and giving it back is powerful though. When you make someone happy, it not only effects that person but it impacts every other human that they’ll interact with for the rest of their day. The person you made feel good then spreads that joy in so many different directions. I had a former student return to school one day with a beautiful, handcrafted card and a plush toy Yoda. The words written in the card and the genuine happiness I could feel from him, made my heart swell. Little did he know, that his simple act of kindness was going to impact a school full of kids for the rest of that day. How so?? Well, the joyful feeling he gave me, fueled my attitude. And with that happy feeling, I approached each class with an extra dose of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the same happens when someone makes you sad... that hurt feeling effects the other people you encounter in that day—your kids, spouse, etc... Therefore, choose joy, give joy, and let love grow from the inside out.

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