I’m Sorry

I’m sorry.

We know better but often times we don’t do better. Apologies offer a space for growth. I have certainly messed up... a lot. I have come to appreciate that I don’t have to be the perfect messenger to still hold an important message. There is a whole bunch of good inside all of us, sometimes it might just be hiding 😌. We all fall and yet each time, we manage to get up, re-try, re-calculate, start again. Reminding ourselves that there must be a different route and being brave enough to take it does not always come easy though.

I am a work in progress. Often I have to lasso my thoughts, control the worry, and focus on my feelings... I do not like feeling sad or angry. Therefore, finding forgiveness is a priority. If I hold onto that anger, I am stuck holding that heavy load. So regardless of circumstances, I listen to my heart, apologize and recognize that I am right where I need to be.

Every moment, good and bad, teaches us... what will we learn? Can we apologize? Will we forgive?

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