How is it already the end of September?!?!

As a PE teacher, I have spent a lifetime teaching my young students the power of positive thinking, the need to use tools that work not hurt (teamwork, cooperation, patience vs. cheating, whining, blaming), and, win or lose, always play fair.

This pandemic has placed some pressure on all of us and my ability to activate and use my skills has certainly been questionable... it’s challenging. Normally, I am able to filter out the tougher challenges of my day quite well. With school back in session there is certainly a quirky feel to what normally is the best time of a new school year. Between mask wearing, technology concerns, in-person vs. on-line learning, school sports and activities on hold, Covid concerns are creating a rather “swollen” sense.

My hope is to stay focused on the moment and remain solution based. Waking with gratitude for every beautiful part of my life is key... rather than question if I am a person that believes the glass is half full or half empty, I am focused on just filling the glass. At the end of the day, I am choosing to question what went well, what needs improvement and I am asking myself... did I win the day? Some days, not so much! But tomorrow is a brand new shiny chance to try again. Stay safe! 😘

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