Oprah once said, “you can NOT live a brave life without disappointing some people.” With that, she minded her audience that the friends that are truly rooting for our rise are going to be ok with whatever the “it” might be—they are not going to be disappointed. And the ones that are unhappy, were never quite right for us to begin with.

I am forever grateful for the people that genuinely arrive—always. They encourage us not to hide, to be proud of who we are are, supportive of our lives, helpful, and unconditionally kind.

It takes a consistent effort to be grateful even with the smallest of things. Things like: I don’t have a cold today. I have a job. I can pay my bills. My children and loved ones are healthy. This ice cream tastes good. I loved that movie. I live in the United States. My heart has felt loved. etc...

Each morning we get a fresh, new start. We all have a path—keep walking . And while taking each step, reluctantly or willingly, I try to find the words—I am grateful.

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