Go get ‘em

Hey there!!! So it looks like we are four months into this Corwin experience. I start by saying, “Thank you.”

So often in my lifetime, I have stopped myself because of fear. I have buried my ideas with questions like, Who will like this? Is this stupid? What am I doing? And yet this time, with all of those questions stomping around in my head, I decided to jump. We humans often create the biggest hurdles for ourselves thus stopping our dreams from ever having a chance to breathe.

Corwin came directly from my heart, fueled by supportive friends and family members that allowed this lovable character to grow.

I have always believed in the power of friendship and the need for positive connections with others. Equally important is the need to be kind to our self. I have come to believe that genuinely happy people aren’t going to make other people feel sad. Therefore, we need more ‘happy’ in our hearts. It’s hard though. Stress, unemployment, family issues, relationship troubles, health problems, etc... make it impossible to find the sunshine on most days. But try to remind yourself of this: just beyond those clouds, there is sun. Keep looking.

These cards are meant for fun. They are designed to bring joy to the person who receives one. The idea that you can share your feelings with another person and somehow make their day better is a magical thing. It will power your happiness knowing that you have added that boost to someone else. The fact that I get to be a tiny part of that moment is delightful.

Today’s message is, “go get ‘em.” You don’t have to be a runner to understand and appreciate this concept. For me, it means to take on the day, be brave, and put your best foot forward. Chin up, head high, you’ve got this. We all have issues that darken our days and hurt our heart. Take this opportunity to check in on yourself and make someone else’s day a little bit brighter. Thanks for visiting.

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