Go for it

Go for it.

It’s incredibly easy to say those three little words to a friend or family member but why does it become so undeniably difficult to voice this inspirational statement to ourselves? It rolls off the tongue effortlessly but somehow the those three words can disappear deep into our thoughts. They safely tuck themselves behind phrases like, I am proud of you, you can do it, and you are important. Why is that? We are so quick to inspire others with a buffet full of positivity and praise yet often leave ourselves the scraps.

I am a believer that we all have our separate, individual gifts. It’s important to find what lights us up and bring it to the surface to share with others. An old quote from Erma Bombeck comes to my mind... it goes something like this: “when I stand before God, at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me.”

Sometimes, it’s hard to find that gift we hold inside and even more challenging to use it. We get worried, side-tracked, and doubtful thus burying the “go for it” notion deep within our thoughts.

Why do we do this? Why not give it a try? Do we recognize what it is we like to do? Can we set a plan in action to prepare what needs to be done? How about practicing those necessary steps involved? And then, how confident would we feel climbing onto that platform to ready ourselves for our moment??? Come on... Go for it (bathing cap, goggles, and spandex are optional 😀).

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