Enjoy the ride

These days, it’s easy to close ourselves off from the outside world... it’s practically required with the social distancing guidelines. We get good at locking doors, closing windows and hunkering down. This is hard though. Admitting that it’s difficult is very important because it allows other people to acknowledge that we are all human. We don’t have to put a shield up and play pretend.

Thankfully, the weather is shifting towards brighter days and people are yearning to come back outside. Yahooo!!! Just yesterday, I was walking with a friend and many bicyclists passed by. Two older gentlemen had stopped for a drink break and greeted us with wide smiles and asked, “Do you think people will be more friendly when this ends?” My friend and I both agreed that we hoped so. We need more friendly people in this world. But being friendly doesn’t always come natural to humans.

Regardless of the pandemic, life is hard. We often find ourselves stuck in situations. We get caught focusing on what might have happened, when it happened, how it happened, etc... We waste a lot of time focusing on the negative. Guilty as charged.

As life slowly slips back to normal, let’s try to find forgiveness, accept responsibility for our own lives and enjoy the ride. Where will we go? 🤔

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