Corwin shares SEL with pre K-grade 2 children in East Greenwich, RI

I am thrilled to announce that Corwin’s social emotional coloring and activity booklet was given to every pre K - 2 student in East Greenwich, RI. I was able to do this for free with the support of the two elementary schools in that town. The PTG covered the cost of the booklets to Allegra Print Marketing (the incredible print shop responsible for bringing our friend Corwin to life) and the booklets were distributed as part of a “grab and go” initiative at each elementary school. This booklet is packed with 20 pages of important social emotional learning strategies that can help a child through the more challenging phases of life. Knowing that we are all struggling a bit (or a lot...) during this pandemic, I thought this was a perfect way to connect with these young children and remind them that they can do it. Friendship, honesty, perseverance, trust, kindness, and responsibility are just some of the tools that Corwin and friends are emphasizing in their own subtle, special way. This special booklet is now available on the website 😀 Share the smiles.

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