Corwin celebrates one year

One year ago, this lovable character was shared for the first time on social media. As the story goes, my sister had bought me a box of craft cards and markers for my birthday (December 31st) and encouraged me to do something with my artistic talent. Well, armed with my new supplies and powered with the confidence of friends and family, Corwin was born. This has been a beautiful experience. I am grateful for the genuine love and support. We launched this company in February unaware of what was coming. I knew there would be questions and concerns about running a small business but I had no idea that a global pandemic was on its way. There have certainly been terribly sad moments throughout 2020—too many to list. Fear and sadness have become emotions we are dealing with on a daily basis.

We all need to know that we are loved, we are safe, and we are important. It makes me incredibly happy to know Corwin’s positive message assisted along the way for so many. When I started the Daily Doodle (featuring Corwin on my Facebook Chris Carr Ink group page), I was overwhelmed with the kind messages of support and the shared notion that Corwin had become a bright spot in their day. It was as if we started a little movement that mattered: People started sending cards to loved ones “just because”... reaching out simply because they wanted the special people in their life to know they were missed and many teachers were even sending cards to their students, while stuck at home during the beginning phases of distance learning, to remind them that they were proud of them. This past year, Corwin’s message reached out to various organizations such as Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County, Anchor Paws Animal Rescue, Family Services of RI, and even spread some joy through the South Kingstown Recreation Department summer camp program and the town of East Greenwich ... both distributed the Corwin social/emotional coloring books to their young learners. Our hope is to keep spreading the message of kindness and connection. Let those you love know... it’s often those little words of encouragement that matter most. If you are in Rhode Island, please take time to visit some local stores that carry Corwin cards: Fuller Gallery (Jamestown), JW Graham/Yes! Gallery (Wickford), The Purple Cow (Wakefield), Bags by Iris (East Greenwich), White Light Books (Cranston), and Tiger Eye Gift shop (Warwick). And if you are in the area of Norfolk, VA, check our Harbor Gallery... they have Corwin cards and masks 😷

Thank you for being a part of the Corwin community. We are so glad that you are here. Cheers to 2021 ❤️

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