Be kind to your mind

These are the days we prepare for. The opportunities to dig deep and find the tools we really have. It’s easy to practice patience, understanding, calmness, and peace when things are going our way. Those actions come easily and those words roll effortlessly off our tongue. Yet, without question, they are tools that need serious practice. Just like reaching into a toolbox to grab a hammer—if you have never used a hammer before, that big thumb better beware because there is a good chance it’s going to get hit with the first or second try. Yet, as you continue to practice with that particular tool, your skill improves and your ability to use it effectively becomes undeniable.

Without a doubt, this pandemic has thrown us for a loop. Many of us have painfully lost loved ones without a proper chance to say goodbye. Others have lost jobs, bills are piling higher, and managing the fear in our mind of what could possibly be next can easily overwhelm us.

These are the moments when our mind can run wild... taking our thoughts to a much deeper and darker place. Together, let’s take a moment to focus on how we feel right now... Are we safe? Can we breathe? Are we ok? We can agree to use this time to train those tools we have in our imaginary toolbox. Can we stay in this exact moment and be kind to our mind? Just like driving that hammer, it takes practice—now is our time to practice... one little moment at a time. Peace. ❤️

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