Meet Corwin! This adorable character's name means "heart's friend". Corwin is a true love, spreading joy and support through special, hand-drawn greeting cards.

Corwin came to life in January 2020 from a needed nudge reminding the illustrator to utilize her inner talent and go for it. The result of this encouragement led to the creation of these adorable hand-drawn greeting cards.

This story serves as a reminder of how important it is to have people in our lives that believe in us, to follow your heart and take the chance at doing something positive and joyful.

It also highlights the notion of friendship and connection to others. You have to be a friend to get a friend. In this fast-paced life we are living, it is easy to forget those people we hold most dear to our hearts. A simple card can provide that necessary reminder that all humans need to know—they are loved, they are important and they are thought of. Sharing yourself with others creates a return effect—like a boomerang... it comes back. Corwin cards have a “give love, get love” mentality… Using this approach to life can create a positive planet.













Why cards? Chris believes that greeting cards are the last token exchange between two people. We don’t write letters anymore, text messages are often deleted, emails lost... so this is our last shared appreciation for someone in our life. She thought it was important to keep the cards blank because she believes that the words of the sender/giver are most important. Even if it’s as simple as “I love you”... to know that you were thought of is a beautiful thing. And the fact that this character, Corwin, is conjuring up such joy is equally delightful.

About the greeting card

This greeting card is blank inside leaving the sender an opportunity to share their own heartfelt message for the receiver.

When folded the cards are 5.5" wide x 4.25 " tall.

The envelopes are a matching A2 size (5.75" wide x 4.375" tall).

About the creator










Christine Carr obtained her Bachelors Degree from The University of Rhode Island in 1993.  Upon graduation, she immediately began her teaching career as a PE teacher in East Greenwich, RI.  She spent many years coaching middle school girl's basketball and softball and was the assistant tennis pro at Pt. Judith C.C. for eight years.  Eventually, she left coaching in order to pursue her Master's Degree in the Administration of Physical Education and Health Education.  Her entire thesis research project was based on the over-scheduling of today's youth and how it related to future burn-out rates among athletes.  She has three children Nolan (19), Jane (16), and Finley (14) and lives in South Kingstown, R.I.

She is the author of Mother Daze ... tales from an imperfect playground, and the founder of Chris Carr Ink. She is also the illustrator of Corwin's cards and the Daily Doodle.